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Amazing coaches and gym, Always encouraging!!!

Kristen Tenant


The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful, and is willing to take the time to teach the fundamentals. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. The workout culture is fun and intense, and everyone is there to seriously better themselves. Highly recommended gym for someone who wants to better themselves physically and mentally.

Jacob Neiswonger


Great atmosphere, members, and coaches. Being completely new to not only the gym but to Florida as a whole, SEDulous has provided a family away from home for me that I am beyond grateful for. Along with Chad's Oly coaching and constant motivation from fellow lifters, I could not be happier to be a part of this team.

Devin Grab


Chad and team are top notch and attentive to form, maximizing results and mitigating chance of injury. I’ve not just been encouraged to do my best work while I train inside the gym, I’ve been encouraged to sleep, journal, and pursue self-mastery outside the gym. They have been successful in creating a unique and positive environment. The results of their clients speak for themselves. I highly recommend to anyone, from newbie to highly experienced looking to take their training to another level.

Lucas Graeve


I can’t say enough good things about Sedulous. It does not even compare to your typical gym. I started the SedFit classes just a couple months ago, and it has been the best experience. I’ve been athletic all my life, but these past couple months have made me stronger, happier, healthier, more determined, more disciplined, more motivated, and more confident in myself in all aspects in life. The coaches are AMAZING. The personal commitment they have to providing the best workouts, catered to my needs is unparalleled. I am so thankful to have fallen into this gem, and highly recommend if you are considering a new gym. You will not be disappointed.

Amanda Polio


I've been training with Devin for two months. Her patience, knowledge, and teaching ability is helping my A1C drop to the point where I was able to stop taking one of my diabetes medications. My body is also undergoing an amazing transformation -- I am in the best shape of my life, and I still have a long road ahead of me. The environment is laid back, friendly, and right to the point. People are there to take care of themselves, no gimmicks or sales pitches, just training.

Frank Polanchak


This place is outstanding!!

Leonardo Acosta


Chad and his amazing set-up of facility @sedulousperformanceathletics has been a great place to work out. Its always welcoming, never intimidating, and it's a place where you are guaranteed results, whether it's physique, strength, weight loss, mental health, etc because you have a dedicated coach and team. I've been working with Chad since 2017, left due to relocation, and when I needed to get back in the gym, he was the first person I reached out to. He's not your typical trainer who just trains. He really focuses on technique, your needs, and trains with a focus to prevent injury. I truly admire his dedication, work ethic, passion and love he has for his line of work and for his athletes he trains and works with. His investment in you makes your investment ALL WORTH it. Hands down, @sedulousperformanceathletics, Chad and team are one of a kind. They are stuck with me for the long haul. I am truly blessed to have met Chad. Thank you for all that you do. Let's keep crushing it! 💪

Evelyn Maldonado


I started here about a year and half ago because I was tired of the big box gyms with packed classes and not getting any results. I love the personal nature of the facility and the coaches. I have improved my cardio fitness and overall strength with proper instruction and guidance from my coach Chad Olsen. I can see the results and I feel strong!

Melissa Mckenzie


Sedulous Performance is an amazing gym! Chad, the owner and head coach is awesome. He is extremely knowledgeable. The gym itself is a wonderful environment with great equipment, and a friendly atmosphere! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Alyssa Garber


I joined SEDulous a little over 2 years ago and it’s probably been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been to a few other gyms in the past, but nowhere has made me feel more welcomed and supported then SEDulous - which had always been an important factor in finding a gym I’d ACTUALLY go to. That being said, Chad has nearly unparalleled knowledge of how to best help you meet whatever goal you may have. I’ve never met someone more personally invested in each individual than Chad has been. His heart and soul is truly in this gym, and it’s people, and it shows every single day. 15/10 would (and do) recommend to EVERYONE.

Caitlin Coates


This is a amazing gym space. One-on-one sessions are super personal, get you motivated and feeling your best.

Allie Goddard


An excellent gym with a caring staff who take a vested interest in your continued improvement as an athlete

Charles "Pat" Malley


I've waited sometime to post a review because it is hard to describe in words how great of a gym Sedulous is and the quality of staff, along with the owner himself. I have been going to Sedulous for about 3 years now and I have never seen results comparable to what I've done myself in the past or with other trainers/gyms. I reached my body weight goals and desired looks within months of training. At Sedulous they approach fitness considering your entire body, including over all health/wellness, where you may be prone to injury and how to prevent injury, your bodies flexibility and current abilities and of course your desired results. They do not push you to the death but have just the right balance of accountability and smarts so not to hurt the athlete but continue progression. What I love about working at Sedulous is the customization they offer for your fitness program and the oversight and attention to detail ensuring proper form and reduction of injuries. Truly an all around world class gym. I have recommended many people to Sedulous and will continue to do so!!

Bryan Deering


I have been with Sedulous Performance for about 3 years now. I am very happy with the overall results. I have gained close to 35lbs (looks better, win 😎) and feel a lot stronger (win) and healthier (win) ever in my life. If you are ready for your fitness goals, doesn’t matter what it is, they will get you there. 💪

Jason Hsu


As a former athlete turned body builder, I felt like I had lost my athleticism and mobility. As a chiropractor, I knew this was not healthy and that I was creating problems within my body that could ultimately impact the quality of care that I can provide for my patients. I became unhappy with how I felt with my training regimine and wanted a change. I came to Chad at sedulous and told him my goals. I wanted to feel like I could move good and be more functiona, while maintaining my strength. I didnt know what to expect with Chad being an Olympic lifting coach, but he gave me exactly what I wanted to get out of working with him and actually exceeded my expectations. He built a new training and mobility program based around my goals specifically. It was clear that he was very knowledgeable as a coach and teacher. So far, it has been a pleasure collaborating with Chad on correcting my movement patterns and being pushed by him to improve myself and ultimately my health.

George Blackwell


Chad has been my coach for years now, in crossfit, weightlifting, and personal programming, and I love how intentional he is with every single athlete. Great atmosphere, great members, and great coaching! Whatever your fitness goals, this is the place to be!

Talia Stillman


I’ve known Chad for many years in the CF world but this is the first time he’s training me personally. The last few weeks that I started with SEDulous Performance, I’m already seeing and noticing the improvement. I love it, I feel better and stronger. He does workouts personalized for you so it challenges you more since he knows your weak and strong points. His assistant Thalia Mendoza is amazing as well and an inspiration to me 💪🏽 ! If you want to workout somewhere where they show you proper technique and amazing workouts, I HIGHLY recommend SEDulous Performance!

Alina Ruiz


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