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We are so confident in our ability to provide you with world class service that we'll offer you a personal satisfaction guarantee. If you get to the end of your program and feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal to or superior than the investment you put in, we'll either refund you immediately, or work with you free of charge until you are satisfied, Best case scenario, we change your life. Worst case, you work out for free. You have NO RISK.



The Next Level of Training

With passion, knowledge, and an endless desire to help you improve, you and your coach will work together to attack your training sessions with the focus required to guarantee the results and benefits you deserve. Following your personalized program, your coach will start you off with a workout specific warm up, leading into your in-depth training session, including direct hands on coaching cues, corrections and motivations. Then finally finishing with a workout specific cooldown for each session. Our One-on-One coaches leave no stone unturned, and pride themselves on delivering a one of a kind personal training experience you won't find elsewhere. All progress will be logged and tracked on your personal TrainHeroic account!



The Next Level - With some friends

We can still deliver the top end service we believe in, while also offering you the ability to train with a friend (or two). Our semi-private training allows athletes with similar goals, the opportunity to have both their coach and their colleagues hold them accountable. Your coach will deliver everything we offer in our One-on-One training sessions, to multiple athletes at a time, for a discounted investment. Following your small groups program, your coach will start off with a workout specific warm up, leading into an in-depth training session, including hands on coaching cues, corrections and motivations. Then finally finishing with a workout specific cooldown for each session. Your coach will deliver your group a one of a kind training experience, and will track all your progress on each athlete's personal TrainHeroic account!



Breaking Plateaus

Unique, individualized, tailored to you personalized programming. Designed for those with very specific goals, desires, competitions, needs, limitations, and/or time restrictions, your personal program will cover every individual aspect from head to toe. Each week your program will be delivered digitally on your own personal TrainHeroic account so we can increase efficiency, consistency and accountability! The TrainHeroic app allows athletes to check today’s workout, past workouts, benchmarks, percentages, progress, and goals all at the click of a button. Your coach will analyze any movement or technique videos you deliver, and offer cues and corrections to improve performance. We are here to help and provide you with a training experience that delivers results beyond what you have received in the past. Starting your personalized training program is one of the fastest ways to achieve those results!


Train with us From Anywhere!

Now with the power of the industry leading TrainHeroic app, we can offer both or coaches and our programs digitally to anyone in the world! Doesn't matter where you are located, as long as you have a phone, you can receive all the amazing benefits our local athletes receive each and every day! With daily reminders, weekly check-in's, video analysis, live training sessions and much more - location is a thing of the past!



enjoy a group atmosphere? - We Got You

Standing by our philosophies, we have designed a small group training class that still focuses on a specific - Strength and Conditioning - goal. It is not built for everyone, and we will not modify the entire workout for the individual. (If that is what you need, you belong in one of our personalized programs!)
With 6 stations each fully equipped with a box, battle rope, wall ball target, rings, unilateral leg trainer, landmine, explosion platform, two barbells, and full set of weights; each athlete is provided everything they need to get an insane workout in, without moving very far. We will not over pack these classes to ensure the quality of our service, so make sure to register beforehand!

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