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Our Mission

Systematic. Process. Goal Oriented. Personalized. Designed For You. The Best Results. Guaranteed. Bar None. Category of One

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At SEDULOUS we chose to break away form the current trends and norms of the industry.  We chose to build, develop, and offer a service people would literally feel crazy saying "No" to. We chose to deliver a far superior experience in fitness, training and sports performance. We chose to put ourselves in a category of One.

We get it. Fitness, Health, Wellness... It's not always easy. Each person struggles with a different aspect. Thus why we take every step to evaluate and discover as much as possible about the goals, bodies, and lives of each unique person here. We take YOU as an individual into consideration, and

will benefit YOU, specifically.  


Our members embark on a new

experience with a comprehensive

evaluation, assessment, and

diagnosis. We compile as much data

as possible to design a specific

training program that is not only

created for effectiveness, but a

program that will maximize the

results toward YOUR unique goals.

We'll fast track your progress to

success in a timeframe that is not

only doable, but realistic, that

will challenge you, but also help

prevent injury!

At SEDULOUS, we do things a bit different and we are proud of that! If you are ready for the next level of fitness; to stop working out and start Training...

You found the right place!

Chad Olsen




Owner & Program Director

SEDULOUS Strength and Conditioning

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