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Performance Coach & Myofascial Release Specialist

My journey into Olympic Weightlifting and Coaching started as early as 2014 when Fitness became more of a lifestyle and less of an occasional hobby as I transitioned up from a Bootcamp style of training into Crossfit. For about a year or so, I became fairly competitive in the sport but quickly found that it wasn't the format of training I was passionate about anymore. At that point, I reached out to Chad about improving my strength and technique in Olympic Weightlifting and I haven't looked back since.

Chad has been my Coach for Olympic Weightlifting since late 2016 (he was also one of my Coaches for both Bootcamp and Crossfit prior to) and has been an amazing mentor and role model as I began to get my own certifications in Coaching Group Fitness/Crossfit classes and becoming a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. He also helped me in my journey to become an EMT/Firefighter, made sure I had the tools I needed to be successful in the Academy, and currently keeps conditioned as I am on Active Duty.

These 4+ years of focusing on Olympic Weightlifting have lead me to compete in over a dozen competitions from local meets to as large as out-of-state and National platforms; qualifying for high-ranking competitions and winning medals at many of these local meets. Though these years have made me a successful athlete, they have also made me a better Coach. I've learned and experienced the ins and outs of the sport, as I too coached athletes in many of these competitions and throughout their training and competitions.

I've been a part of Team SEDULOUS since before we had a building attached to our name and have touched the lives of countless athletes with goals ranging from losing weight, competing, and pursuing a career as a first responder. My goal is to continue to build on the knowledge I have, further my education, and earn more certifications for Personal Training, Group Training, Olympic Weightlifting, and Tactical Training. I strive to not only continue to grow as an athlete but to also flourish with the SEDULOUS Team by helping them achieve whatever goals they may have and being the best Coach I can be to each athlete that walks through our doors.

  • Licensed EMT

  • Certified Firefighter

  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

  • NASM Stretching and Flexibility Coach

  • FMT Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Practitioner

  • FMT Myofascial Cupping Practitioner

  • Certified Electrical Stimulation Practitioner

  • Certified CPR/AED/BLS

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