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Sports Psychologist & College Recruitment Assistance Specialist

I began my journey in athletics early on in life beginning sports at a very young age. Once my interest was sparked, I truly never looked back. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University and continued my academic endeavors to obtain a masters degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts. During my time at Springfield I was an Academic Advisor for the Women's softball team and Men's freshmen football team. I also took on the role of Assistant Head Coach of the Springfield College baseball team. While invested in these roles, I began an assistance ship at the High School of Commerce as the Athletic Academic Advisor for the high school student-athletes, as well as putting the time in as the Defensive Coordinator of their Men's Football Team. I accepted all endeavors and ran with these opportunities, graduating with an M.S in counseling, specializing in student-athletes.

During my life, I've come to notice that opportunities present themselves frequently, but it's about the desire for the acceptance of change, or the fear in doing so that makes the difference. One must have the ability to want to change and better themselves.

Are you merely feeling content or just satisfied? Are you hindering your capabilities, development, and growth that each and every one of us has inside ourselves? If you are thinking yes, we have had some things in common.

With this mindset, I continue to grow and learn every day. I'm not just satisfied or content, I am hungry for progress and the process that comes with it.

This is the mindset I am looking to instill in all the athletes I work with as I help you progress from high school into college. I want you to be hungry for growth, to reach your PEAK potential, to go after your PEAK performance, not only athletics, but as a human being. Are you hungry to go after your dreams and seek more? Are you hungry to go after first place and compete for a State Title? Are you Hungry to receive that IVY league school acceptance or receive that Division 1 athletic scholarship?

I attempt to seize every moment, despite any circumstances in front of me, and I encourage you to do the same. If you can't on your own, I am here to help you by building the mental framework that is needed, so you can acquire all of your dreams and goals.


  • Master of Athletic Counseling - Sport Psychology

  • CEO of Peak Coaching For Success

  • Advanced College Recruitment Assistance

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