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We've designed programs to challenge your children not only physically, but mentally. We pride ourselves on not just being a gym, but mentors, leaders, and teachers. We not only build muscles, but character, mental toughness, and a foundation for their future. We go beyond sport performance, and strive to build young professionals. We look to take them from square one, to college and beyond, helping with any and all struggles along the way. From strength and conditioning professionals, designated sports psychologist, and even college recruitment assistance...

We leave no stone unturned.

Truly... a Category Of One.

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the future starts now

From individual athletes, to smalls groups, and large teams, SEDULOUS is fully committed to empowering todays youth and building their foundation for the future. Did you know the NCAA is now enabling athletes to accept endorsements and get paid for their time committed to sport while pursuing their education!
Just another reason why investing in athletics has become a crucial part of the growing process.

NO, they aren't too young.

NO, it won't stunt their growth.

NO, it won't make girls to bulky.
NO, it is not dangerous as long as properly programmed and supervised!

Yes, it will build a foundation of strength and resilience.
Yes, it builds strong bones, tendons, and ligaments.

Yes, it will build confidence and mental toughness.

Yes, it will teach them how to listen, learn, and apply.

Yes, it will increase sport performance.

Yes, your child will become tough! 

Yes, we will help you every step of the way, from Day One - through College!

Sound Like a Plan?

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Have You Heard of the NCAA's New NIL Guidelines?

If you have a student athletic involved in athletics of any kind, that may be interested in playing sports in college, YOU MUST educate yourself on all the possibilities the NCAA just opened up for student athletes to finally earn an income for their years of hard work!

It so now possible for student athletes to earn an income off of ANYTHING involving their Name, Image, or Likeness! Meaning autograph sales, jersey sales, if their name is mentioned in a video game, if their person is used in a video game, if their name is simply mentioned on Social Media, if they are used in endorsement or recruitment videos, coaching camps, helping charities, and much MUCH more. Anything that involves your student athlete on a public forum can now garner them an income and help the entire family with dealing with finances. This is not just for D1 athletes. This is D2, D3, and Olympic sport athletes earning four, Five, an SIX figure incomes as college athletes!

It has NEVER been more beneficial to invest in your student athletes athletic career than NOW! Let's get them ahead of the curve, and get them noticed! 

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