Powerlifting Coach & Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Sam drop kicked his way out of the womb in 1980 and instantly grew a mullet. 

Educated at Colorado state university and re educated as a professional rugby player, Sam firmly believes that if you have sleeves you’re last. With a deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom and a recent enlistment as a door gunner in the 129th combat search and rescue helicopter squadron, Sam has been a part of and trained some of the most elite Air Force members. In between, Sam has vast experience coaching world record powerlifting athletes, teams, individuals, Olympic weight lifting, CrossFit, and more. Sam's status as a high level athlete combined with over 12 years coaching experience creates the perfect storm. 

Come and train some American muscle.

  • Bachelor of Science

  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

  • Unites States Air Force Veteran

  • CrossFit - Lv2

  • CPR/AED/BLS Certified

  • United States Air Force Veteran